About McCumber Daniels

It's not about the number of attorneys in a firm, what's important is the years of experience they possess.

Our Experienced Team, Supporting You

McCumber Daniels' attorneys are highly specialized, seasoned professionals having more than 10 - 20 years of practice in professional malpractice and health care law. As a client, you can expect veteran professionals to personally manage and build your case while forging a strong client relationship along the way. Whether an administrator, staff nurse, paralegal, or attorney, McCumber Daniels will guide you through the legal process, fully-committed to resolving your problem to your satisfaction.

Our Practice Areas

McCumber Daniels offers a wide variety of litigation services for health care facilities, licensed professionals, financial institutions, businesses, and insurers. With decades of legal, corporate, medical, administrative and legislative experience, we are able to provide full-service representation for all of our clients in all types of disputes or litigation.



McCumber Daniels encourages all our attorneys to join professional organizations and stay active in their community. This is part of our commitment to maintaining the highest level of professionalism while remaining current on the latest developments that may affect our clients.