Reassuring News on Debate Over New Pennsylvania Fracking Law And Whether Doctors Can Really Talk To Their Patients About Fracking Chemicals

Author: Karen L. Tucci

On April 18, 2012, the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) released a statement on Act 13’s unconventional gas well disclosure requirements. Released by the president of PAMED, Marilyn J. Heine, M.D., a practicing oncologist and emergency medicine specialist from suburban Philadelphia, the statement acknowledges that Act 13 will allow patients to be treated. The statement reads, in part:

We appreciate Speaker of the House Sam Smith’s recent statement that the language In Act 13 will not interfere with a physician’s ability to appropriately treat patients, and will in fact facilitate that process. While PAMED agrees that Act 13’s disclosure language is as strong as any in the nation, we also reached out to the Corbett administration to clarify physicians’ confidentiality obligations under the new law with respect to proprietary information disclosed to them for treatment purposes.

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