Infection Rates Down in Pennsylvania Hospitals

Translated to dollars, the estimated average Medicare fee-for-service payment for hospital stays for patients who acquired an HAI was $21,378 when compared to those without an HAI, $6,709. Similarly, the average Medicaid fee-for-service payment for hospitalizations for patients with an HAI was $33,329. For hospitalizations for patients without an HAI, the average Medicaid payment was $6,040.

There are a number of measures which can be taken in an effort to decrease healthcare-associated infections. This can be as simple as an emphasis on hand-washing and hand sanitizing stations in the hallways. Methods also include improved care and treatment in wound care and removing catheters when they are no longer needed. Additionally, the use of certain prophylactic antibiotics can assist. Such measures continue to help hospitals achieve their goals of decreasing healthcare-associated infections.

Click here to view the PHC4’s report, “The Impact of Healthcare-associated Infections in Pennsylvania, 2010”

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