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McCumber Daniels is a full service, Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated civil litigation and appellate firm with offices in Florida and Pennsylvania. Please visit our jurisdiction page for a complete listing of all locations our firm services. 

McCumber Daniels offers a wide variety of litigation services for insurers, health care facilities, businesses, financial institutions, and licensed professionals. With years of legal, corporate, medical, administrative and legislative experience, we are able to provide full-service representation for all of our clients in all types of disputes or litigation.

McCumber Daniels attorneys are well versed in applicable law, procedure, courtroom tactics, legal and evidentiary rules, as well as the analysis and application of medical or financial information. Our attorneys are zealous advocates and provide thorough investigation, negotiation, trial, and appellate services to our clients.

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The Benchmark

The Benchmark is McCumber Daniels’ quarterly newsletter which will provide succinct informative articles about important topics or developments in liability defense litigation, family law and commercial litigation.

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Clear and Convincing Evidence is McCumber Daniels’ Blog designed to foster interactive discussions with our clients, friends, partners, and other interested persons regarding relevant news, legal issues, and legislative issues. We welcome comments and questions to the blog as an interactive means to provide information to the public.